Forever young

Recently I had a rather interesting conversation with my work colleagues about age. Someone at work had a birthday and the subject came up. The thing is, we don’t know the age of many of our co-workers and many of us don’t feel comfortable asking them either. Somehow it just does not feel right asking people to reveal their age and they tend not to volunteer this information. Personally  I am always quite surprised if someone asks me how old I am.  Admittedly, it does not happen very often.

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Lexifone launches an automated phone interpreter service

 Only recently I posted an article about machine translations,  highlighting the perils of relying on such automated tools without getting the completed translation looked over by a human. By and large, it seems that developers of automated translation software have a long way to go before they are able to create a product  that would achieve such levels of linguistic excellence and accuracy so as to fully replace the work done by human translators. If they have not been able to do so just yet, it's not for lack of trying though. There are a number of translation tools out there able to translate written text with varying degrees of accuracy. But what about conveying the meaning of verbal communication or, in other words,  interpreting?

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"Too we are in" or the perils of overreliance on machine translations

There are thousands of  professional translators out there, experts in their field, who provide high quality language services to companies and individuals alike. The translation market is also flooded with people who just happen to have a good working knowledge of several languages and who have decided to put their skills to good use and make a living out of it. Of course, it takes more than foreign language skills to become a good translator and the work they do is not always of the highest quality. Nevertheless,  they tend to be cheaper, which gives them a competitive edge over their professionally trained peers.

And then there are automatic translation tools.

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